Theresa Devine
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This is not a toy. The artwork of Theresa Devine

Understand portrays my experience in 2011. This was the year in which I got rid of my car, bought a ramp van, and rented a scooter. I had fallen twice but needed to fall a third time in order for my medical insurance to pay for a wheelchair. The third fall happened that year and I went to the emergency room for x-rays and pain killers. I was finally able to get a power wheelchair. This piece is the most superficial one in the series. In the game there is a field of "gems" which signify the "earthly desires" of the insurance company and the viewer is given the goal to clear the screen. Again, unpredictability was used in the game play and the protagonist is invisible. It was used in this instance to portray the precarious position I had been put in by the rules that were set by the insurance company. This game is easy to learn and hard to master. The sound on collision is a Zen gong.

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