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This is not a toy. The artwork of Theresa Devine

Unknown is the last in the series, which is about my experience from 2012-2015. The disease quietly decided to take my ability to swallow and I began to slowly starve. When I weighed in at 89 pounds I was given a food tube surgically. This action saved my life and I had to learn how to eat all over again. I spent much of 2013-2014 recuperating and had the eating and sleeping cycle of a new born baby. I recovered and gained back my normal weight of 120 pounds. In this game only the collisions are visible. The enemies and the protagonist are invisible in order to depict the experience of fighting starvation. It is a lonely and quiet fight and so the game is very pensive and quiet as well. The sound on collision is wind-chimes. This is the most beautiful of the video games, as these years brought me the closest to death and focusing on the beauty of life helped me recover. This game is easy to learn and easy to master. The collisions are mesmerizing.

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