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This is not a toy. The artwork of Theresa Devine

Unseen is my experience from 1998-2007. During this timeframe, only my doctor, my family, and I were aware of the diagnosis and my attempts to keep the illness at bay. I ate healthfully and exercised. I kept very good care of my body in the hopes that I could avoid the disease. The protagonist is invisible and the goal of the game is to control something you cannot see in order to set all of the butterflies in motion. There is no reward when the goal is attained and the viewer can reset and play the game infinitely. There are no boundaries on the screen and unpredictable behavior has been programmed into the gameplay. For example, the player might be going in one direction, but mid-screen the protagonist could turn and go in another direction. The sound occurs on collision with the butterflies. This game is easy to learn but hard to master. The viewer must slow down and pay attention in order to be successful. This is the opposite of what we expect from video games today.

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