Theresa Devine
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This is not a toy. The artwork of Theresa Devine
The second game in the series is influenced by Hirst's piece "Edge." This game has the same soundtrack and gameplay as "I Was Born Twice: Row," and is intended to be installed in the same gallery. If there are two players in the gallery the soundtrack will create "noise" if the games are simultaneously played out of sync. This is intentional in order to portray the experience of control being lost. The player can interact with the game minimally with a pong-like game mechanic. This is to reveal the space of mental disengagement that painkillers have on the person who needs to use them. The games have the same outcome regardless of any interaction by the player. All player agency has been lost. It is a space that is quiet and noisy and peaceful and disturbing, all at the same time. It is the time frame when treatment has been administered, healing is just beginning, and future control is uncertain.

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