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Sometimes I Just Want To Make Spots

I Was Born Twice: Edge

I Was Born Twice: Row

Here I Am Right Where I Shouldn't Be

Controlled Substances One

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Spot Games

A series of PC games follow the journey through an illness and recovery. These games take the audience from a loss of agency, to the retreat space of mental and physical healing, and then, finally, a return to health and agency.

These pieces are simple 2D games with vector graphics created in Illustrator. The first 4 and are coded in TorqueScript with the Torque 2D game engine. These games have been influenced by Damien Hirst's Spot Paintings and depict a similar quiet purgatory. There is very little player agency. In the fifth game, and the forthcoming games, agency returns. This game, and the future games in this series, is and will be built in Unreal 4.

There are 5 in the series. 2015-2016

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